The company Angry Gioielli S.r.l. operates in Valenza Circ.Ovest Zona CO.IN.OR. Lotto D6 in autonomous structure.

The production process of the Angry Jewels srl It is entirely dedicated to then manufacturing excellence and is organized through an integrated and flexible system that covers the various phases: design, prototyping, engineering, casting, manufacturing, quality control and shipping.


The production reality is based on a work force of about 20 people, it is characterized by a high stability of the relationships with the staff and, consequently, a very low level of turnover. Which favored the spread of knowledge and experience at the highest levels in Valenza gold district.
Angry Jewels srl century, it is a very low level of non-compliance with quality that make it, in fact, a company already oriented application of its operational schemes of quality certification.
Strategic management
The Angry Jewels srl has the strategic goal of being a center of know-how and manufacturing excellence is characterized by high capacity for innovation.
The business objective fulfillment rests therefore on a continuous incremental innovation, which has led the company to grow in size without affecting the quality and flexibility provided.
Because Angry Jewels srl It has a know-how formalized and, therefore, transferable, the company is able to handle large production volumes even to above its current production capacity.
The company is able to be at the center of a network system, where through the management and transfer of their skills can guarantee the quality and output substances without having to weigh down their excessively fixed costs structure.
The business proposal
Angry Jewels srl has always set its trade policy on the construction of qualified commercial, stable relationships over time and characterized by a high mutual guarantee. This philosophy is key to offer adequate levels of service to customers.
The value of the Know-how
Angry Jewels srl It is a company that uses patents to protect their production methods, therefore, a tangible sign of the ability to explain their technical expertise into practical productive innovation.
The technical team of the company was more times consulted by primary reality of the jewelry industry for the development of innovative design products.
Today, more than ever, the company Angry Jewels srl It is the partner of choice for companies who want to be successful using a modern, advanced and flexible factory. This is achieved through a lean young company, with careful financial and asset management, has always been able to feed their growth processes while maintaining its stability and solidity.